Yacon Root: An Excellent Weight Loss Aid

The Yacon root diet is currently enjoying its time in the limelight as an excellent weight loss aid. However not the entire plant is used in the diet but Yacon syrup which is sweet tasting and has a consistency and texture similar to that of molasses. This is made from juices extracted from the root of the plant which are filtered then evaporated in a manufacturing process that is chemical free and looks a lot like how Maple syrup is made. The plant from which this dark and sweet tasting syrup is made is native to the South Andes Mountains located in South America. The natives of the continent have used the plant for centuries both as a source of food and medicine. The tuber that resembles a sweet potato is believed to be a very powerful medicinal source and improves diabetes, digestive and kidney disorders.

The Yacon root diet recommends taking the capsules on mornings, the syrup a teaspoon of Yacon syrup an hour or a half before meals and then designing a diet that is suited for you and keeping to it. The main bulk of the diet is carried by the syrup. This syrup is one of the world’s best sources of FOS meaning fructooligosaccharides. It has between 40 and 50% of FOS. Other foods like onions, garlic, artichokes and leeks also have FOS but not in such high amounts. These sugars cannot be recognized by the digestive system and are therefore indigestible. This means that their calorie count is about a third of other sugars and may be used as an alternative to sugar although it should not be heated beyond 120 degrees or 248 Fahrenheit as their structure will be broken down. Fructooligosaccharides feed the friendly bacteria found in the gut as well as lowering ghrelin, the hunger hormone to help reduce appetite.

yacon dietary syrup

The FOS behaves like a soluble fiber and expands its size when it gets into contact with gastric fluids. This sends false signals tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. This leads to a decrease in the leptin levels effectively suppressing appetite. You are therefore less likely to snack or gorge yourself helping with weight loss and maintenance. The FOS is also a powerful metabolism booster. This is enabled by the metabolites it contains that slow down the release of glucose once the FOS is in the digestive system. This depletes the storage of fat as it has to be used by the body in its metabolism.

According to a study done on a group of participants who participated in the Yacon root diet for 120 days, they saw a decrease in Body Mass Index and moved from the category of obese to overweight, they were also cured of constipation with an increase in stool frequency by 0.77 per day, lowered insulin levels and resistance was also witnessed along with a decrease in bad cholesterol. In a Dr Oz experiment, labeled the Yacon project, 40 women took 1 teaspoon of syrup with each meal for about a month. At the end of the 28 days 29 of them had lost weight with about half of this number losing more than 5 pounds. There was a marked reduction in their waist size losing 1.9 inches with the average weight loss of the entire group tallying at 2.9 pounds. The syrup is recommended for people who are obese or overweight, people who have high blood sugar, those suffering from chronic constipation and want to improve their bowel movements and people who want to increase fiber in their diet.

When looking for the best yacon syrup to get you started on the Yacon root diet, buy one that is 100% pure Yacon which has been extracted directly from its source in the Andes, has an FOS concentration of over 50% for effectiveness, a dosage of 1000mg at the very least and one that has been manufactured by a certified GMP lab to ensure good quality. It is advisable to start with a small dose then graduate as ingesting too much of it will lead to excessive has production because of increasing fiber in your system at a go. Those who have chronic diarrhea or problems with diarrhea should definitely keep away from this diet as it will just make their situation worse.

Importance of a Trainer for Implementation of the Diet

Many of us might have a pet dog at home, which is not trained. It is really important to train a dog. After the dog attains a certain maturity level say 18 months, the dog has to be trained by a trainer. The dog has to be equipped, with certain defense techniques, in order to protect itself and others from any uncertainties.
Just like, we go to educational institutions to attain certain basic manners and knowledge. The dogs are also trained, in order to inculcate certain good manners in the dogs. The dogs become more knowledgeable and smart after acquiring training, from a good trainer.

How does it affect the diet?

Good training transfers, certain habits and qualities, which affect the diet program. The training helps in better, implementation of the diet program and pro active results. The various advantages can be as listed below-

1. Better Discipline

The trainer inculcates good discipline in the dogs. The good disciplines enable the dog, to be more punctual and obliging to the owner’s commands and orders. Better discipline, allows less deviation from the diet programs.

2. Consistency

Training enables consistency and regular reviewing of results. A trainer better understands the dog and provides the things, it may require. Sometimes, a trainer might provide the substitutes of certain items, which may not be available in that particular locality.

3. Better control

The trainer’s knowledge is immense. He understands each and every move of the dog and closely observes the dog. He can exercise better control over the dog. The dogs are more scared of their trainers, just like we are scared of our teachers. Strictness enables better control over their activities and better implementation of the diet program.

4. Better results

By understanding the above techniques, it is obvious that, the results of such an implementation will be up to the expectations. The objectives will be accomplished quite successfully.

Best Non Vegetarian Foods for Dogs

Non vegetarian foods are really essential for dogs. Actually, dogs who are used eating non vegetarian foods, cannot adjust to vegetarian food, for a long period of time. Like us, the dogs are also quite fond of non vegetarian items.

People might think of serving their dogs with vegetarian food. But, vegetarian food might not be that effective, in providing the sufficient elements for growth to the dog. Moreover, making a vegetarian food diet program, involves extra understanding about the dog’s nutritional requirements.

With non vegetarian diets, one can adjust and serve certain items based on research, without actually knowing the inside details about the diet. But, designing a vegetarian diet requires a lot of knowledge and experience, as it is a tedious job. However, it is essential to support the dog’s diet with certain vegetarian foods, in order to prevent obesity and digestion related problems.

To take care of their health and to prevent any side effects from certain foods, the following non vegetarian foods should be served to the dogs.

Dog Sticks

These are really important components in a dog’s diet. Especially for puppies, it is really essential. Big dogs can chew the bones and strengthen their teeth. But, for puppies and younger dogs, where teeth have not still grown out so well, bones might not solve the purpose.

Dog sticks are an extremely good product, which helps in building strong teeth for the younger dogs. The puppies like these dog sticks a lot. Pedigree is one of the most popular brands, which offer such products for dogs. I suggest Pedigree dog sticks for better taste and teeth development.


Bones are extremely important for the dogs. It is one of the favorite foods of the dogs. Chewing bones help in strengthening the teeth structure in dogs. Elderly dogs should consistently be provided with bones. A research also says that, providing bones also helps in keeping the dogs happy and fit.

Chicken and Mutton Pieces

Non vegetarian food is incomplete without chicken and mutton. Providing fresh chicken and mutton pieces, which are free from bacteria is really important. Bacteria in such food can lead to lot of diseases and health problems for the dog. The dogs relish the liver of the mutton. Hence, they should be served with the mutton liver, to make them happy and active.

Other Non Vegetarian Products

People can consider other non vegetarian products manufactured by Pedigree. It is a company, which is trusted worldwide and it manufactures products, which are tasty and good for health at the same time.

Dog Food

Dogs are the most desirable pets, all over the world. They are best friends of people, who take care and nurture them. They are extremely loyal and want to share each and every moment of happiness, with their owner. It is always great to have a pet at home. And if it is a dog, it is really amazing. All people in the family, irrespective of age group, gender, attitude, etc, get along very well, with the pet. Thus, the pet remains quite active in entertaining, all the members of the family equally.

Taking care of dogs is also important. People having a small garden area, can better take care of dog as the dog has abundance of free space, to roam around and utilize its energy. A dog’s cleanliness is really important.
Like human beings, dogs also have their own requirements and their requirements can be fulfilled, by providing them with proper food, in sufficient quantity. There are certain foods, which should be present in their diet, so as to provide them the energy, to remain active in order to engage each and every one.

Based on their age and level of activeness, their appetite changes but, we have certain general foods, which can be served to them, in order to keep them healthy and fit. One should make sure that, they do not disturb the dog while eating. They should be provided with very peaceful environment, while they are served food. Any disturbance in the environment can make them violent, depressed, inactive and unhealthy

Raw vegetables and fruits

Providing the dog, with raw vegetables is really important. Raw vegetables are as beneficial to them, as they are for us. Consumption of raw vegetables provides them, healthier skin and gives their fur the extra shine, which can make them even more loving. On the other hand, raw fruits can make the dog extremely active. In addition to this, they help in keeping their teeth clean too. The dog can also be fed with other naturally available products like Garcinia Cambogia Extract, after considering the yacon syrup and feedbacks. The products available in nature have lot of health benefits, similar to the human beings.


It is an important component for people, who do not serve non vegetarian foods to their dogs. The male dog can be provided with rice by adding a little of salt. The female dog should be provided with rice by adding a little of turmeric in it.


Milk is an important component for the dogs. Especially for puppies and dogs below one year, they are really important. The dogs should be provided with a minimum of, one liter milk every day. Milk is a great source of energy to them and it plays significant role, in growth and development of a dog.


The last component is water. Providing a minimum of 10 to 12 cups of water a day, to dogs is really important. Puppies and younger dogs consume more water than, the elder ones. Based on their activeness, elder dogs may consume more amount of water.

Methods for Easy Selection and Implementation of Diet Programs in Dogs

Diet alone is not sufficient, in order to ascertain various objectives. There may be various objectives for an owner, to implement diet program for his dog. Many people implement diet program to ensure that, the dog does not suffer from any deficiency and remains fit and healthy. Some owners implement the diet, in order to reduce the weight of their dogs. Such diets need to be implemented very carefully. While other owners implement diets, to make the dogs more active and lively.

The selection process

The objectives are extremely important, before selecting the diet. Objectives determine the type of food items, to be provided to the dogs. In case of deciding for a diet for a non vegetarian dog, research on the internet is sufficient to decide the diet.

But, for a vegetarian diet, it is strictly advised to consult a veterinary expert, before supplying the same with inadequate research. For both the procedures, one must conduct lot of research, before implementing the diet program.

Implementation program

Storage of food products

Storage of food products, selected for diet is really important. Dog sticks, meat, etc, should be stored in a particular way or might get infected very quickly. Infected food can cause serious health issues, to the dogs.

Don’t disturb them

Dogs are extremely furious, when they are disturbed while eating. There are extremely few dogs, which are very loyal and can compromise with their food habits, for their owner. But, most of the dogs don’t like to disturbed while eating. It might spoil their mood of eating and make them irritated.

Take them for a walk

It is really important to take the dogs for a walk. Dogs require some fresh air and sometimes might feel bored and suffocated, in the same environment. Taking them to parks, playing with them, keeps them active and fresh.